Thursday, May 24, 2007

Doctor-Patient Communications

At my last meeting with Dr. P, my oncologist/hematologist, we knew that thalidomide was a failed regimen. I proposed a two-month wait followed by a set of labs to establish a baseline and then a self-administered curcumin regimen. He agreed and we set up lab appointments and another appointment with him in two months.

But when I received his snail-mailed writeup of the meeting last week it was clear that we didn't have the same understanding; he expected the curcumin regimen to begin immediately. So I called last Monday. You never get your doctor, at least I don't, but they said his nurse would call back. So far she hasn't and it's Thursday evening.

Tomorrow I'll call and change some appointments. That will get things rolling.

Romaine, cucumber, celery, avocado, blue cheese, shrimp & sauce, raspberry vinegar.

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