Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Weighty Question

Over the past five or six weeks my weight has been dropping, now down to 144 and change, which is the lowest in perhaps 30 years. A very appropriate weight for me I believe. Most people would celebrate this, and I do too, sort of, but I’m logging it just in case it’s a symptom.

It does coincide with my return to running, and I have run two marathons during those weeks, but in the past my running has not caused that much weight loss.

It also coincides with the new myeloma treatment regimen which includes a new drug (LDN), increased supplements, and a substantially changed diet. Those things are most likely the cause. If so, it puts me in the happy position of needing to eat as much as I can, perhaps more than I want, because I don’t think I should lose any more. I can hear you say "poor baby!"


  1. Keep up the good work. Two Marathons in the past six weeks? Wow. But wasn't one just a 26 mile fun run? (Can you believe they called it that in Chicago?)

  2. Hi Don,
    Going gluten free might have reduced your weight. I lost 7 pounds very quickly.
    Have you seen the cancer compass link to mm/celiac on Margaret's blog? There is some very interesting stuff on there. I have been trying to add a post without success so far.
    Take it easy - not too many marathons.

  3. As of December 9 my weight has stabilized at about 145. That's a good weight - I'm no longer concerned.