Friday, March 28, 2008

Drug Study Day 21

I am on a study of the new drug CC-4047, with once-weekly dexamethasone. This morning was the third weekly blood draw, results already by fax. Here is a table showing several CBC values on four different dates:

  Mayo   SMG   SMG   SMG
CBC   Mar 3   Mar 14   Mar 21   Mar 28   Minimum
WBC (leukocytes) K/uL 5.6 4.8 5.8 5.3 2.0
NE# (neutrophils) K/uL 3.5 2.1 2.9 2.6 1.0
PLT (platelets) K/uL 211 220 245 232 50
RBC (erythrocytes) K/uL 4.62 4.50 4.28 4.54
HGB (hemoglobin) K/uL 15.4 14.9 14.3 15.0

The top three counts are ones that Mayo is particularly interested in watching, because the CC-4047 trial drug may eventually depress those numbers. If any of those three counts falls below its minimum, the protocol will be changed for me, or, eventually, I could even be dropped from the study.

No problems yet. The three key counts are all down slightly from last week, but still higher than two weeks ago. Red blood count (RBC) was a little low last week, back in range today.

Dexamethasone again tonight.

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  1. Good results Don! I'm happy for you.