Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dex and Blood Sugar, Part 3

In early April I did a little experiment, measuring my blood glucose approximately every half hour on three different days: (1) Dex day (after taking dex the night before), (2) the next day, and (3) the fifth day (hopefully no dex). Results are here.

I didn't like that much dex for several reasons, and when I showed the shart to Dr. L she reduced my dex dosage from 40 mg to 20 mg. This week I did the measurements again for "dex day," and found the glucose levels significantly lower, as expected.

Here are averages for each of three different days:
Dex   Glucose mg/dL
40 mg   144.3
20 mg   115.8
None   88.2

Bottom line: 20 mg of dex puts the average glucose approximately midway between 40 mg of dex and no dex. Huh - no surprise.

Here is a TABLE showing actual measurements and times.

Below is a chart. Click to enlarge.
Blood Glucose Chart

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