Thursday, May 1, 2008

Lucky Don

If you skip over the fact of the cancer, I'm a very fortunate guy. The CC-4047 trial is so far very successful for me. After the first one-month cycle, IgG dropped from 2960 to 2230, and after the second cycle it is now 1610. Similarly, M-spike dropped from 2.7 to 1.9, and now to 1.4. This brings my markers back two to three years in just two months.

Best of all, side effects have been quite modest so far, the worst coming from the dexamethasone, not the CC-4047. The regimen will continue for another cycle, probably many cycles, but at half the dose of dex.

I am VERY happy!. Time for celebration. Much more to say about the results and my conversation with Dr. L, but no time to post it tonight. Big weekend coming, so it may be next week before I can bring it all together.


  1. That's fantastic Don! You made my day :-)
    Go, celebrate, and come back to this blog with all the details.
    I'm very happy for you and, let me tell it, I'm sure the side effects were not as bad as they could have been because of your constant exercise.

  2. How wonderful! I'm so happy for you! I'm prone to believe, however, that luck had very little to do with it. :) Just the same, I'm thrilled with your success. Can't wait to hear "the rest of the story!" Continued health and heappiness, Donna

  3. Great news Don. I am so pleased for you. Long may it continue.

  4. Hi, Don! Congrats on the good results! I have to go back on the dex again, and Sunshine posted a message on my blog that you follow a certain diet while on dex. Can you give me some pointers? I really hate dex and I'm looking for a way to tolerate it better!

  5. Dear Don,
    You are a Godsend! I swear I get more useful information from your blog than any other resource. Your accounts are so genuine. By my nature I am a hopeful person, and your words just give me so much inspiration. I pray for you, and so badly want you to beat this. My Myeloma journey began in November of '05, so you are showing me the way.

  6. Bless you Steve! I wish you the very best in continued survival and a high quality of life.

    BTW I think I found you and your faith-based company. Good for you!

    God be with you.


  7. Thanks for blogging so faithfully in such detail.
    I am particularly intersted in your story, particularly your use of complimentary supplements with traditional doctors. My spouse is close to induction therapy decisions after successful plasmcytoma radiation and recent spinal fusion/rod surgery.
    We see a Dr. L at Mayo, Dr. N in Cedar Rapids iowa, and now have declared Dr. G at u of I as our primary onc. None are particularly supportive of alternative medicine, but I can see that you have forged a good relationship with a Dr. L. Are your Dr.s supportive even when you don't fill or use their scripts? I'd like to find a diplomatic way to accomplish good relationships and complimentary treatments. Your comments on DVT are relevant to our post surgery situation.

  8. Hi Julie,

    You asked about not using the MD scripts - I DO use their scripts. In fact I'm in a drug trial which requires me to do so, unless I lie about it, which I won't do.

    But I also take supplements recommended by a naturopath, eat mostly organic and gluten-free, and exercise a lot. Complementary, not alternative.