Friday, December 11, 2015

Bone Marrow Biopsy

PET/CT scan, PET/MRI scan, 46 vials of blood, two 24-hour urine collections, two more urine samples, ECG, Skeletal (x-ray) bone survey.  That is the list of tests required for qualification and for Cycle 1 Day 1 of my new myeloma therapy trial.  Not to mention height, weight, blood pressure, temperature, walking blood oxygen, and a short physical exam.

I won't name the medications involved in the trial yet because, in case they don't work for me, I wouldn't want to discourage anyone else from using them.  One of them is already a whiz-bang success for certain other cancers.  I can say that the study does involve immunotherapy, meaning that the medications take advantage of my own immune system to dispose of the errant plasma cells that are my cancer.

Tuesday I had an infusion of one medication, and was given capsules of another to take at home.  I have taken those faithfully for three days now, and will drive the 180-mile round trip to Mayo Clinic again next Tuesday to see how things are working out.  And the Tuesday after that, and on and on for a while.  Fingers crossed.

I had such a lovely 7-year ride on Pomalyst, running 60 marathons in 47 states during that time.  Wouldn't another 7 years like that be wonderful?  All prayers accepted.


  1. Of course wishing you all the best in this trial. I am wondering if you had a bone marrow biopsy recently. How was it tested and did those results influence the choice of clinical trial. PS: Maybe Santa will bring you a gas card as that's a lot of miles each week:) Thanks for sharing your journey.

    1. Hi Kate,
      The recent bone marrow biopsy was scheduled as a part of the qualification for this new trial. I haven't discussed the results with a doctor, but they seem very similar to earlier BMB results. Wouldn't it be nice if the results would point exactly to the best next treatment!

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  3. Many prayers coming your way! I do hope the new therapy works for your sake, of course, but also so you can say what it is! I'm a caregiver of a Mayo myeloma patient as well, so am eager to hear what this drug is.

  4. Are you taking Curcumin still? How much? What kind? Steve's immune system is shot in fact he has none. I think he needs to go back on after quiting a year ago when it seemd it wasn't helping but then his immune numbers started to drop and we can't get them up.