Monday, May 25, 2009

Stewart Asquith Died

Stewart AsquithStewart Asquith was a professor at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, teaching and researching in the field of children's rights. And he was one of us, a myeloma survivor, until April 13, 2009, when he died in Edinburgh, from myeloma and its treatments. He blogged about those on Stewart, Myeloma, and Revlimid. An inspiring account of his life is posted on The Scotsman magazine. Quite a man.

The Reaper In the last several years Stewart lived life to the max, taking vacations with his wife Elspeth, restoring classic bicycles and building his own recumbent, building a solar energy collector for his roof, renovating a bathroom, sailing on an ancient fishing vessel (pictured), on and on. All this time he went through a transplant, radiation treatments, surgeries, high-dose steroids, insulin, and more. He was an irrepressible soul who could be stopped in only one way.

I knew Stewart only from his blog and a short exchange of emails, but I have some Scot blood in me and feel an odd affinity toward this human dynamo. The world is a bit poorer at the loss of Stewart Asquith. We shall miss him and I do miss him.


  1. I'm sorry to hear of your friend's passing. His blog was one I'd not been aware of. After reading his medical record, it seems he had little respite from the progression. His accomplishments amidst the uncertainty he acknowledged are remarkable. Sounds like he would have been an awesome jogger had he chosen that activity.

  2. I am so very sorry to read of Stewarts death...he was such a friend to us, via my blogs and I read with interest everything he wrote...such a wise and caring man. I will miss him and his kind words of encouragment. Sad news indeed Don