Friday, May 22, 2009

Colloid Nodule of the Thyroid

The thyroid nodule (previous post) is a "colloid nodule," apparently quite benign. Doctor L says take another look with ultrasound in six months or a year, see if it's growing. Otherwise it's fine if it isn't causing problems breathing or swallowing.

It's not. This drama is over.

I did actually increase my iodine intake a couple of months ago, so maybe the treatment, if any is needed, is already underway.


  1. Don-----Wonderful news!!!!!! Even though I was sure it was going to be nothing, it makes a person a little apprehensive thinking about it. Marilyn

  2. How come it took me so long to figure out how to leave a message? I think I tried when I first met you and it didn't work so I never tried again. Now I don't have to write to you personally. Thanks for all the informative information. I check every day. Marilyn

  3. Good news, Don. Keep on running
    (I also started running once a week)


  4. So glad your thyroid tests came back negative--a big relief for you. Thanks for sharing in detail your experiences with cancer. My husband has smoldering myeloma and at this point has had good success with high doses of curcumin and other natural herbs and has been able to avoid starting Dex and other nasty drugs and hopefully will be able to stay with that for a long time. He has become a big believer in alternative treatments.