Monday, May 2, 2011

Fifty One Marathons

Two weeks ago I finished my 50th marathon, on the Jersey Shores boardwalks. Yesterday was the 51st, running through beautiful Providence Rhode Island. All 51 of those have happened since my myeloma diagnosis. The International Myeloma Foundation sent a photojournalist to interview me yesterday and film some running.

At a medical meeting just now beginning in Paris, journalists are putting together videos which will include a little of my running. It should go live at 11:30 Eastern Thursday, May 5, at this web address.

More later.

With Sunshine after the race:


  1. You ARE the embodiment of MM Hope... a shining example for others to follow and we are all (I am sure others will agree) delighted that you are still running!

  2. Yay, Don!!!! :-)
    Cheering you on all the way from Italy, Margaret

  3. Don, You are an inspiration. I tell my myeloma friends about you and get back a blank stare. Then they read your blog.
    Keep it up, good health and a big cuddle to Sunshine.