Friday, October 19, 2012

Dr. Brian Durie Discusses Nutrition

All organic except the beef,
which is 100% grass fed.
Dr. Durie is a well-known expert in myeloma, always up to date with the newest trial results, treatments, and diagnostic tools. In a way he is the doctor of all of us, through the International Myeloma Foundation.

Now he has done it again. Though he claims not to be an expert on nutrition, he gave a very up-to-date and on-point discussion of modern anti-cancer nutrition in his October 11 teleconference Living Well with Myeloma - 10 Steps to Better Nutrition. Click that link to get both the audio of his teleconference talk and a PDF file of the slides that go with the talk.

Proper nutrition, exercise, and sleep - these are ways that we myelomiacs can improve our own quality of life and even the course of our own disease. Dr. Durie's talk is a wonderful start.

Breaking News:

On October 18, Dr. Durie published a blog post responding to some of the questions raised in his teleconference talk. Also recommended reading.

Be fit, be strong, be well.


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