Saturday, May 26, 2007

Curcumin Sources in the USA

In a few weeks I'll be taking eight grams (8000 mg) of curcumin daily, with bioperine to enhance "bioavailability." I did a quick search to find sources. NOW has a nice 665-mg tablet, which I have been taking for some time, just one per day, but it does not contain bioperine. I could take the bioperine separately, but curcumin containing bioperine is readily available.

This was NOT an exhaustive search. Nothing is guaranteed, especially the prices and quantities. The following five sources include four different brands of curcumin with bioperine, in a variety of dosages per capsule. In the table below:
  • "mg" is the milligrams of curcumin per capsule,
  • "Qty" is the number of capsules per bottle,
  • "$Cost" is the cost per bottle, somewhat dependent on quantity purchased,
  • "$/8 gm" is the cost per eight grams, the daily dose,
  • "Doses" is the number of 8-gm doses per bottle, and
  • "Bioperine" is the amount of bioperine per capsule in mg.
Curcumin Brand Web Site mg Qty $Cost $/8 gm Doses Bioperine
Proprietry C3 Complex agelesscures 1000 100 26.95 2.16 13 5
AFI C3 Complex doctorstrust 1000 60 14.09 1.88 8 5
Doctors Best clubnatural 500 120 15.00 2.00 8 3
NSI Extract vitacost 550 120 18.99 2.30 8 2.5
Super Curcumin lef 800 60 18.68 3.11 6 5
I ordered from three of these sources this week, and received curcumin from VitaCost; the others should arrive next week.

Last night's salad
Romaine, cucumber, fennell, avocado, strawberries, blackberries, blue cheese, raspberry vinegar. Estimate: Two Weight Watchers points.


  1. May I ask why this particular treatment?

  2. Hi Teresa,

    I visit your blog often. You two are an inspiration! Love that ZERO M-spike!

    Curcumin is actually being tested at MD Anderson as a treatment for myeloma and other cancers. It may or may not be effective for me, we'll see, but my myeloma is still in an early stage and I believe I have time to find out.

    I have recently finished with thalidomide, now a failed regimen for me, and revlimid/dex is the next step. Curcumin is not as tough on the body, though, so if I'm a responder it will give me more time before we have to get out the big guns.

    More information: Margaret, who is having good luck with it and is quite enthusiastic.

    Take care, Don

  3. This is great information, Don. Very helpful chart. I will post a link to it tomorrow from my blog (if I am technically able to do so!).
    Please let me know how things go, especially once you have built up to the eight grams. Go, Don!!!
    Thanks, Margaret

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    Uma Aggarwal

  5. Don

    I am entirely new to "blogs" but from what I can tell you must be one of the kings! Great information and links - I'm a physician currently doing a lot of research on MM and curcumin. What you've done is nothing short of amazing! ...And it sounds like you have a great hold on what's good in life. I'll bet you've come a long way with all of the knowledge and treatment you've gathered.

    May I ask you...I want to update the Curcumin we carry in our Remedy Room at the office to one that is more "bioavailable." I have come across "Bio-Curcumin Curcu-Gel" and "Curcumin C3 Complex with Bioperine" and these look readily available to purchase. I also found mentions of nanocurcumin and lipophilized curcumin for which I don't think there are any products yet.

    Do you have any recommendations here? I have written to both companies asking for more information and how we could carry their products for our patients, so I'm hoping that will help me figure if there is superiority of one over the other. Perhaps they're both about the same. I just don't know yet.

    So now I guess that I keep visiting your blog site to find out if you'll have a chance to respond. However it works I thank you for your kind consideration of my question.


  6. Hello Doc Robert,

    I am now on a trial of CC-4047, a drug similar to Revlimid, but I do continue to take curcumin. Four grams each of Doctor's Best and NSI, both of which contain "Curcumin C3 Complex with Bioperine".

    For a while I substituted LEF's Super Bio-Curcumin for about half of it, but my numbers went up. Although that brand is advertised as seven times more bio-available, I know at least three people now who have not had the expected results with it. I don't know anything about Curcu-Gel - maybe I need to update my knowledge!