Saturday, June 2, 2007

Curcumin Arrived

I ordered modest quantities of each of three different brands of curcumin, just to see what they were like. See previous post. I'll start taking it in a few weeks, and by then will necessarily order quite a bit more from one or more of these sources.
America's Finest Inc. Per Caplet:

Per TWO capsules:
  • 1054 mg Turmeric Root Extract
  • 6 mg Bioperine
  • From: Club Natural
Doctor's Best

Neutraceutical Sciences Institute Per TWO capsules:
The proposed amount per day is 8 grams (8000 mg), divided into two or more doses. I may decide to alternate two or three brands, on the off chance that the quality of one brand is not as high as advertised. I already do that with my multivitamin.

The capsules from Doctor's Best brand are sufficiently distinguishable from the capsules from NSI brand that I think they do come from different manufacturing sources. The caplets from AFI are quite different, more dense, and clearly not from the same manufacturing process. All of the capsules and caplets weigh significantly more than the amount of curcumin they purport to contain, a good sign.

Pork chop dinner
Thin-cut pork chops, corn, oven-roasted rutabaga, two kinds of oven-roasted sweet potatoes, strawberry garnish.

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  1. Don, you are so amazing! It would never have occurred to me to weigh the capsules! I am taking one of the brands you ordered, and am going to try another one (how coincidental is that!?!). Please keep me posted on how you do. I am so very curious! Cheering you on, Margaret from Margaret's Corner ;-)