Friday, July 13, 2007

Too Many Food Pix

Either I'm eating too well or not blogging enough, because there are too many food pictures in the queue. So here are a few, just for no reason at all.

Bratwurst lunch
Chicken/feta/spinach bratwurst, whole wheat bread, Roquefort mustard, blackcurrant jam, organic plum. Estimated Weight Watcher points = 7.

Jim's beans with watermelon
Jim's super-fresh beans, watermelon, half of a chicken/feta/spinach bratwurst. Estimated Weight Watcher points = 2.

Blueberry snack
Blueberries, orange, leftover July 4 party brownie ("No Pudge" fat-free fudge brownie mix plus organic yogurt, Hershey's chocolate chips, vanilla extract). Estimated Weight Watcher points = 3.

Spaghetti dinner
Organic whole-wheat spaghetti, grass-fed bison & spiced ground hormone- and antibiotic-free pork, organic spaghetti sauce, organic parmesan cheese, jumbo olives. Estimated Weight Watcher points = 7.

Salad with fresh bread
Organic romaine lettuce, organic cucumber, organic celery, Danish blue cheese, avocado, organic strawberries, raspberry vinegar, "Take and Bake" organic honey whole grain bread. Estimated Weight Watchers points = 3.

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