Thursday, July 12, 2007

Two Weeks on Curcumin

So far so good. No problems, and in fact I can't really tell that I'm taking it. Some people have reported that it fixed symptoms other than the myeloma, but so far it hasn't cured my plantar fasciitis or my chronic headaches.   :-)   I still treat those in other ways.

I have gained a little weight, maybe two pounds, but I can probably point at the plantar fasciitis as the culprit because I can't run and therefore don't get quite as much exercise.

I ramped up rather quickly on the curcumin: two days at two grams, two days at four, three days at six, then eight grams, all the while looking for problems and finding none. The recommended ramp-up is much slower, taking three weeks. Some people take the whole 8-gram daily dose at one time, though, and I take only two grams at a time, four times per day.

Test results in about six weeks; appointments for labs and doctor are not made yet.

Tonight's dinner:
Tilapia with mango salsa.  Click to enlarge
Farmed pan-fried tilapia (Honduras), broccoli, "mango salsa" including organic apricot, organic plum, mango, watermelon, cucumber, and pineapple, with juice of organic lemon on the fish and broccoli, juice of organic lime on the salsa, a little salt on the fish. Sunshine liked this plate enough that she posted a photo of it on her blog too, with more details.

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