Friday, August 10, 2007

Electrolytes OK

About a week ago I had blood drawn for lab tests. They took two different vials, an unusually low number. But today when I called, the nurse said that all the doctor had ordered was "electrolytes." When I asked what that was, she said "sodium, potassium," and such. Huh. Everything was normal, said she.

I wonder why we even did the labs. Are we really concerned about sodium? Clearly, there's something here that I don't understand.

I'm still taking curcumin, 8000 mg per day, and I think that the doctor wanted to be sure that curcumin in such high doses did not throw other things out of whack. If so, he probably did his normal chemistry panel, which includes sodium and potassium, but (more importantly?) renal and liver markers such as creatinine and albumin. If so, I want to see those numbers, normal or not! She's mailing the report.

I do wonder what the second vial of blood was for, and hope that it was for a different test, like maybe the SPEP, and that she mails that one too! Doctors offices. Sigh.

More when the reports arrive.

Two lunches and a dinner plate: Lamb rollup (giro)
Organic whole spelt rollup, leftover roast local no-hormone no-antibiotic lamb, organic romaine, Sunshine sauce (organic yogurt, minced cucumber, organic lemon rind, minced garlic, dill), very ripe nectarine. Estimated Weight Watcher points = 6.

Chicken bratwurst sandwich
Chicken bratwurst, whole wheat bread, organic pickle relish, watermelon, kiwi, organic nectarine, papaya. Estimated Weight Watcher points = 7.

Salmon dinner
Wild caught Alaskan salmon, organic yogurt, spices, peas, beans, slivered almonds, dried cranberries, homemade sweet potato salad. Estimated Weight Watcher points = 9.


  1. Hi Don,
    please, tell your doctor that the international community, here, is waiting for your labs! ;-))

    By the way, I'm ordering curcumin and other supplements and having them mailed to a friend in Santa Fe, which will be the last place I visit in the States, before going back to Italy.

    Take care,

  2. Glad to hear that your electrolytes are normal. I read somewhere (but of course I cannot find that particular reference now) that too much salt is not good for cancer patients. Excessive dietary salt has been linked to stomach and other types of cancer, and those studies are all over Internet. In fact, I have my sodium, potassium and chloride levels checked once a year. They have always been within the normal range but sometimes a bit on the high end, so I am careful not to use too much salt in my diet. I use herbs for flavoring, as much as possible. Anyway, please keep us posted! Margaret (on holiday in southern Italy at the moment)