Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Curcumin in Oatmeal

Margaret recently posted some information indicating that the efficacy of curcumin may be improved by heating it. I decided to try some curcumin in my morning oatmeal, to see if that was at all edible.

I'm happy to say that it was edible. In fact, to my surprise, curcumin didn't change the taste of the oatmeal much at all. What does that say about my sense of taste? I don't know. I believe that curcumin may be an important component of the spice turmeric, but it is not the component that imparts flavor! I even used one gram each of two different brands of curcumin. This was only one fourth of my daily eight-gram curcumin dosage, however; it is possible that a full day's dose would impart more flavor (and thus be more objectionable). It did make the oatmeal very yellow, which is not very appealing.

The problem is that I don't know how much heat is necessary to improve curcumin's bioavailability, or how much is too much. Maybe nobody knows. I added the curcumin after the oatmeal was cooked, but it would get a lot more heat if added during the cooking as you would do if you were preparing an Indian dish with turmeric.

Two grams of curcumin in the morning oatmeal

Oncologist tomorrow - I'll get my latest test results, including and especially the results of my first two months on curcumin.


  1. Don, I can't believe you did that! :-) Curcumin does have a flavor, at least in my experience, and there is no way I could have taken it in oatmeal. I have tried it in yoghurt (for the fat content) but that was too gross. However, right now I am considering the Vindaloo option (minus the pork!)...but of course Vindaloo first thing in the morning...right after a cappuccino...well, that will take some getting used to! ;-) Anyway, do let us know how your tests went. Curious Margaret in Italy.

  2. Hi Don,
    while I travelled across the States, during the summer, I had oatmeal at breakfast, with cinnamon. I had read that is very healthy and thus I wanted to give it a try. Can you explain me how do you prepare it?Is with water, milk or what?
    Many thanks, and super good luck for today.

  3. Instead of oatmeal, why not try whole unrolled oat groats?

    Cook them in the same way that you might cook rice. Gently simmer a cup of oat groats in two cups of water in a pot with the lid on until all of the water is absorbed - about 45 minutes.

    When they're done add curry paste (I'm partial to Patak's mild or hot versions) which already has turmeric and therefore curcumin.
    If you wish you could add extra curcumin at this point as well.

    The heat of the curry paste plays off well against the rich taste of almonds or walnuts and the sweetness of raisins or other dried fruit.