Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Program

Margaret recently posted about c-reactive protein (CRP). It's made by the liver, sometimes in response to myeloma, and then it apparently also supports the growth of myeloma. It's a very naughty circle, but it makes CRP a potential target for myeloma therapy.

When I did a little research on ways to reduce CRP, vegetarian eating showed up right away as a good candidate. So, bless her heart, my Sunshine has enthusiastically agreed to do mostly-vegetarian meals for the next five weeks or so. "Mostly-vegetarian" is still a work in progress, but probably means no red meat, not more than one meal of chicken or fish per week, and very easy on the cheese. The food pictures below show a couple of examples. Note that this is not necessarily low fat, because the diet does include nuts, avocados, and other healthy vegetarian foods.

The Program for the next five weeks, each day:
  • Eight grams of curcumin, half with bioperine;
  • Four grams of flax seed oil;
  • One gram of quercetin;
  • 500 mg of resveratrol;
  • 4.5 grams of naltrexone, last thing in the evening;
  • Mostly-vegetarian nutrition;
  • Lots and lots of exercise;
  • Plenty of Sunshine.
When the LEF curcumin arrives, a new and supposedly much more bioactive form, I will use it to replace enough of the normal curcumin to get a dosage equivalent to at least 12 grams of the normal curcumin.

Bone survey was yesterday, bone density test tomorrow, results whenever.

Four times per day, left to right: One capsule of organic flaxseed oil; two capsules of Doctor's Best or NSI curcumin (rotate); two capsules of Ageless Cures curcumin (total curcumin 2 grams); one capsule of resveratrol (125 mg each, plus other stuff); one capsule of quercetin (500 mg) every other dose.

Scrumptious salad
Organic romaine, avocado, organic nectarine, blue cheese, pistachios, raspberry vinegar. Estimated Weigt Watcher points = 4.

Organic corn meal, organic corn flour, can of organic corn, with a sprinkle of caraway seeds on one small piece (a successful experiment). With a drizzle of maple syrup. Estimated Weight Watcher points = 6.


  1. Don,

    You are definitely doing the right program. Have you considered fish oil instead of flax seed oil? The only thing that you might add is some quiet time in prayer with God. Keep up your fight.

    God Bless,


  2. Hi Don,
    Following our contact through Margaret I would like to have a chat but I'm going to China tomorrow until 3/10 because I don't have much time now.
    Best wishes,

  3. Have a good trip, Paul. I'll be here and happy to chat when you return. Best wishes to you.