Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dex and Blood Sugar, Part 2

Well, this experiment is complete, or as nearly so as it will get. I took blood glucose measurements on three days: (1) Saturday, after taking 40 mg of dexamethasone Friday at bedtime; (2) Sunday, the next day, and (3) Wednesday, the fifth day. Here are average blood glucose measurements for the three days:
Sat:   144.3 mg/dL
Sun:   101.2 mg/dL
Wed:   88.2 mg/dL

Bottom line: Assuming that Wednesday's measurements were "normal," then Sunday's were at least 10 points higher than normal and Saturday's were more than 50 points higher! This is "low-dose" dex - it's no wonder that high-dose dex gives people the symptoms of diabetes and sometimes even gives them the real thing.

Here is a TABLE showing actual measurements and times. It also has links to photos of the meals that were eaten.

Below is a chart of the same thing. Click to enlarge.
Blood Glucose Chart


  1. Hi Don,
    very interesting! But how many little holes do you have in your fingers by now? I'm afraid I would be too scared to do that (I faint as soon as I smell blood).

    Have a wonderful day :-)

  2. Hi Don,

    I had the same trouble (but was on high dose dex). I found that frequent brisk walks throughout the day helped lower my blood sugar. Had it been consistently over 200, I would have had to take medication for it.

    During my time on dex, I saw an endocrinologist, who kept tabs on my blood sugar and other stuff.

    I'm SO glad to be off dex!