Thursday, April 3, 2008

Results of Cycle 1

Today was my 28-day (first cycle) checkup at Mayo for the phase II trial of CC-4047 with dexamethasone. The idea is to make sure that the drugs are not hurting me, though it would also be nice if they were already helping.

Dr. Lacy was away at a conference so I saw Dr. Buadi, another very likeable and knowledgeable doctor.

All of the closely-watched markers of possible harm from the drugs are normal. Yay! Further, IgG was down 25% and M-spike was down 30% in just 28 days. That is very good. The only significant “bad” news was a decrease in albumin, down to the very bottom edge of the reference range, though just within it. I didn't have a chance to discuss this with the doctor today, but I will call tomorrow. Actual values from key tests are displayed graphically in charts and numerically in a test result table, see links below.

I am still on the trial drug and would have started the second 28-day cycle Friday night. However, I am going to stop for two days and start that cycle on Sunday night instead, so that I will not be feeling the effects of dexamethasone on the weekends when I race.
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Fruit bowl
I was still hungry after dinner tonight - this fixed it. Watermelon, blueberries, organic apple, pineapple, organic yogurt, Dove dark chocolate Easter egg.


  1. Dear Don,
    your results are really really good! The 'suicide' of M spike is remarkable :-)
    And how do you feel, in general, after the first cycle of dex?

    happy run,

  2. That's great, Don. Keep it up! Remarkable indeed!
    Cheering you on from Italy,
    Margaret in Florence

  3. Thank you Sherlock and Margaret,

    IgG is now down to where it was about 14 months ago, and M-spike is where it was 7 months ago.

    I feel quite well indeed, not different from before treatment started.

    Take care,

    Don in Lake Woebegone

  4. Don,

    Your results look very promising, especially since the treatment is not "beating you up" like some of the other myeloma drugs seem to do. A lot of it may be due to the good things that you have going for you; good nutrition, positive attitude, love and support, plenty of exercise, etc.!!

    You may also be part of trial that introduces a great new drug that could change MM to chronic illness or, let's pray, a curable one!

    Keep up the good work..God Bless You,

    Chuck Zubritsky

  5. Congratulations Don! I'm so happy for you! Even your platelets are the best ever! Just think, your numbers are improving and no nasty side effects; that's definitely a win-win combination! Can't wait to see what next month numbers will be! Thanks for sharing your wonderful news with us. Much happiness, Donna

  6. Hamada and Susie send all our best to you Don and to Sunshine too. Keep up all your good work - it seems you are doing very well.
    Best Regards Susie (UK)