Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Better DEX Experience

Three weeks ago I whined mightily about taking DEX.  The worst problem was acid reflux the second night after taking it, but there were other issues too.  I'm happy to say that I have had better experiences since then.

Acid reflux:

Lots of good people offered great suggestions regarding the heartburn (acid reflux).  This formula has worked for three weeks in a row.  After the worst heartburn of my life, now zero heartburn:
  • I take the 40 mg of DEX with food at the Sunday evening meal, and the reflux happens (happened) Monday night.
  • No food at all in the last few hours before going to bed Monday night.  I figure two hours may be the minimum, although I have not tried less than three.
  • No beer or other alcohol at all Monday.
  • No chocolate after noon Monday.
  • No coffee after noon Monday.
  • Take a Zantac with dinner Monday night, but no other time.
  • Take calcium citrate 250 mg twice daily every day.  No other calcium works the same.
  • Drink some extra water if there is even a hint of a symptom after dinner Monday night.
The sleeplessness on Monday and Tuesday nights has improved too - I guess my rickety old body is getting accustomed to the DEX once again.  I'm still hyper on Monday and grumpy on Tuesday and Wednesday, but getting better.
It's not like I haven't taken this stuff before!  My Mayo doc is hoping to get me down to 20 mg and reduce it from there if the new regimen does the trick,  More about the new regimen in the next post.  

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  1. Hi Don, I did 40mg Dex 4 days on, 4 days off, for about 5 months, with Revlimid, for my initial treatment in 2010, prior to my July 2010 SCT. I'm now on Kyprolis and Dex 20mg (10mg on my 2 days of Kyprolis infusions). I periodically have horrendous reflux issues too. Originally my Dr prescribed Omeprazole 20mg, but I don't take it any more. I hydrate with a lot with water, water with a splash of juice and herb tea. What I have found that works fast and reliably for me, is good ol Pepto Bismal! I love Dex on day 1, tolerate it on Day 2 and hate the side effects on Day 3-4. I'm in awe of all your running!!! Myeloma and treatments fatigue me so much, I'm hardly the cowgirl I used to be. Best of luck on your next run!!! and take Dex that day, and you'll have "super powers"!!! Julie